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Usage Of Cement
Portland Cement
Musa Yapi CEM I 52,5 N
Musa Yapi CEM I 52.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM I 42,5  N
Musa Yapi CEM I 42,5 R
Musa Yapi CEM II/A-P 42.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM III A(S) 42,5 N
Musa Yapi CEM II B(S) 52,5
Musa Yapi CEM III/B(S) 42,5N
Musa Yapi CEM IV/B (P) 32.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM V A (PS) 32.5
Musa Yapi SRC 32,5 R
Musa Yapi SRC 42,5R
Musa Yapi SRC 42,5 CLINKER

SRC 42.5R
Musa Yapı
Sulphate Resisting Cement

TS 10157:2008 SDÇ 42.5R

Product Description
SDÇ 42,5R is produced by clinker which is prepared through mixing, milling and burning process of the proportioned raw materials eg. limestone, marl, clay, iron ore, pyrite ash by addition of a certain amount of retarder (usually gypsum) and re-milled.

Typically SDC 42,5R can be used in any places where ordinary portland cement is used. Since SDÇ 42,5R has a C3A ratio less than 5% it is technically much more convenient in the areas that are subjected to higher sulphate rates such as tunnels, dam constructions, port constructions, irrigation channels, building chemicals etc.

Physical Properties
Nuh Cement Standard Unit
Initial Setting Time 162 min. 60 minute
Specific Gravitiy 3.14 g/cm3
Soundness 1 max 10 mm
Specific Surface (Blaine) 3938 cm2/g
Bulk Density 970 - g/l
2 Days Strength 28.2 min. 20 MPa
7 Days Strength 46,6 MPa
28 Days Strength 58.0 42.5-62.5 MPa

Chemical Properties
Nuh Cement Standard Unit
SO3 2.60 max 4 %
MgO 1.02 %
Loss on Ignition 2.67 max 5 %
Insoluble Residue 0.66 max 5 %
Cl- 0.01 max 0.1 %
C3A 3.99 max 5 %
2C3A+C4AF 20.30 max 25 %

Packaging Type
Sold in bulk only.

Quality Control
Our product is certified by Turkish Standards Institution (T.S.E.) and Council for Quality and Environment (K.Ç.K.) according to TS 10157
Musa Yapı
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