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Usage Of Cement
Portland Cement
Musa Yapi CEM I 52,5 N
Musa Yapi CEM I 52.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM I 42,5  N
Musa Yapi CEM I 42,5 R
Musa Yapi CEM II/A-P 42.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM III A(S) 42,5 N
Musa Yapi CEM II B(S) 52,5
Musa Yapi CEM III/B(S) 42,5N
Musa Yapi CEM IV/B (P) 32.5 R
Musa Yapi CEM V A (PS) 32.5
Musa Yapi SRC 32,5 R
Musa Yapi SRC 42,5R
Musa Yapi SRC 42,5 CLINKER

CEM I 52.5 N
Musa Yapı
CEM I 52.5 N CEM I 52.5 N
CEM I 52.5 N
Portland Cement

TS EN 197-1:2002 CEM I 52.5 N

Product Description
Portland cement is the product, produced by grinding clinker manufactured by burning raw materials like limestone, marl, clay, iron ore, pyrite ash, bauxite etc. at appropriate proportions by addition of a certain amount of retarder (generally gypsum) and sets and gains strength after a certain time being mixed with water.
It is generally used in works requiring higher strength values, concretete works performed at low temperatures, precast buildings, tunnel-form applications, building chemical manufacturing and foundations.

Physical Properties
Nuh Çimento Standard Unit
Initial Setting Time 170 min. 45 minute
Final Setting Time 223 - minute
Specific Gravity 3.13 - g/cm3
Soundness 1.6 max. 10 cm
Specific Surface (Blaine) 3615 - cm2/g
Bulk Density 972 - g/l
2 Days Strength 29.7 min. 20 MPa
28 Days Strength 62.1 min. 52.5 MPa

Chemical Properties
Nuh Çimento Standard Unit
SO3 2.40 max. 4 %
MgO 1.03 - %
Loss on Ignition 2.55 max. 5 %
Insoluble Residue 0.61 max. 5 %
Cl- 0.01 max. 0.1 %
Alkali Equlvalent
Na2O + 0.658 K2O
0.62 - %
Free Lime 1.05 - %

Packaging Type
Sold in bulk

Quality Control
Our product is certified by Council for Quality and Environment (K.Ç.K.) according to TS EN 197-1:2002 to use CE marking and certified by Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR) according to NF EN 197-1 to use NF marking in Europe.

Musa Yapı
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